Startup Financing in the mode of BAI / HPSM

To create new entrepreneur and self-employment, Standard Bank Limited (SBL) has introduced investment facility as “Startup Financing” to the SME entrepreneurs who are in the growth stages of their business operation and want to develop new (innovative) product or service supported by Information Technology.
  • Key Features
      1. Mode of Investment:
        1. Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Melk (HPSM) Term Finance- for Fixed Asset Financing.
        2. BAIM (Term) - for Working Capital Financing.
      2. Investment Ceiling: Maximum BDT 1.00 Crore.
      3. Investment equity: 60: 40 (Maximum).
      4. Approved facility cannot be disbursed at a time. It shall be released at minimum 03 (three) Installments based on positive report on Project development.
      5. Rate of return to be realized from Client: 4% Simple profit rate/rent Per Annum or as per Bangladesh Bank’s instruction time to time.
      6. Repayment Tenure:
        1. HPSM: 05 (five) years Maximum with Equal Installment.
        2. BAIM (Term): 01 (one) year with Equal Installment.
      7. Grace Period: Maximum 12 (twelve) Months based on justification in case of Fixed Assets Financing by way of HPSM.
  • Eligibility
      1. Nationality: Bangladeshi.
      2. Age: 21 to 45 years.
      3. Establishment of Company: Proprietorship/Partnership/Limited Company Registered in BD.
      4. Training: Entrepreneurs shall have successful training certificate on entrepreneur development, conducting business, marketing etc. or other technical subject (production, processing, machinery repair etc.) from any Government or Government listed Training Institution.
      5. Length of Business Experience of Key Person: Minimum 02 (two) Years.
      6. Must have clean CIB report and no Default History.
      7. Client must be engaged with proposed endeavor/project all time regularly.
      8. Present/Prospective Cash flow to be sufficient enough to pay Installment in due time. IRM will analyze it based on Standard Investment Norm and BB Guideline.
  • Required Documents
      1. Profile of Startup Project.
      2. Valid trade license of applicant.
      3. Copy of Voter ID card/Passport/driving license/ward commissioner/UP Chairman Certificate of the proprietor/partners/ Chairman or Managing Director for the purpose of identification only. It must be verified by Branch.
      4. Financial Statements (Actual/ Projected where applicable).
      5. Registered or Notarized Partnership Deed (In case of Partnership Company) with Registration in RJSC and Farm.
      6. Memorandum and Articles of Association along with Certificate of Incorporation (In case of limited liability company) with original Board Resolution to borrow.
      7. Utility bill (gas/electricity) of present/permanent /Office address.
      8. Clean CIB report.
      9. Tax clearance document or acknowledgement slip of return submission for last assessment year as per Government Rules.
      10. Others as applicable.
  • Security Arrangement
      1. Primary Security:
      2. Hypothecation of Procured Asset (Fixed Asset. Current Assets or both as applicable).
      3. Hypothecation of Bills Receivables (If any).
        Collateral Security:
      1. Preferable but not mandatory.
        Support Security:
      1. 01 (one) Cheque covering entire limit and Cheques equaling number of installments.
      2. Pledge of Original Educational/Vocational Certificate.
      3. Fresh set of usual Charge Documents.
      4. Personal Guarantee of the Proprietor, All Directors of LTD Company /All Partners in case of Partner Ship Company along with personal Guarantee of Spouse (In case of unmarried, Guarantee of Father/Mother/Brother/Sister/Successor).
      5. 3 rd Party Guarantee (preferable) of a Business Person having business experience of minimum 02 (two) year supported by Valid and Up to date Trade License or Guarantee of a Service person (Bankers/ Government Service/ Multinational Company/ Reputed Corporate Company/ Reputed Educational Institution).
      6. Others as and when required.
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