Other Secured Financing in the mode of BAI / HPSM

"SBL Moushumi Rin" is SME loan facility with/without Collateral to create additional opportunities during different festivals and seasonal events (i.e. Eids, Pujas, Chistmas, Bengali and English New Year, etc.) for SME business to organize special business arrangement to increase sales turnover and profit.
  • Target Group
      1. CMSME(S) related with Trading, Service, & Manufacturing Business.
  • Purpose
      1. To procure stocks/ meet Working Capital Requirement of existing business.
  • Amount
      1. Minimum Tk. 2.00 Lac and Maximum Tk. 10.00 Lac
  • Tenor
      1. 12/24/36/60 months depending on requirement.
  • Repayment
      1. By Paying “Equal Monthly Installment”.
  • Eligibility
      1. Any Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited Company having minimum 2 years of Successful Business Operation.
      2. Age limit : 22 to 65 Years
      3. Monthly Cash Flow to support the proposed installment
  • Security
      1. Hypothecation of Stocks and Bill Receivables.
      2. Personal Guarantee.
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