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Mr. Md. Mohon Miah has been promoted to Deputy Managing Director of Standard Bank

Mr. Md. Mohon Miah has recently been promoted to Deputy Managing Director of Standard Bank Limited. He was serving as Head of Business Development, Shari`ah Secretariat, ICCD and Islamic Banking Conversion Project in the same bank. He joined Standard Bank in 2020. Earlier he served as Deputy Managing Director & Head of Corporate Investments at Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. He has more than three decades of experience in the same bank where he held several key positions including Head of Branch and Zone, Head of Business Development and Chief Risk Officer. Mr. Md. Mohon Miah, a professional banker with remarkable expertise in investment management, started his career as a probationary officer in 1985. He completed his postgraduate degree in Islamic History and Culture from Dhaka University. Later, he obtained PhD in finance and banking from Oxford Trent University, United States. Mr. Mohon has visited various countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Bahrain, China, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia to attend professional training, seminars and conferences.