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SBL DigiBanking
What is SBL DigiBanking?
SBL DigiBanking is a Mobile phone App based banking service accessible through your Smartphone or tab from anywhere, anytime. Just by clicking on any of the menus on the list, you can now perform all the basic banking services as and when required.
Key Features of SBL DigiBanking
  1. - Viewing Account Information for Savings, Current, DPS, FDR & Loan etc.
  2. - Real Time Fund Transfer from one SBL account to another SBL account
  3. - Interbank Fund Transfer
  4. - Credit Card Bill Payment
  5. - Instant WASA Bill Payment
  6. -Instant Mobile Recharge
  7. -SBL Discount Offer and EMI Information
  8. -Contact SBL (Branch, Complain Cell)
  9. -Notify Apps User on various update
  10. -Locate SBL Branches, ATMs, Agents and CDMs & SBL Expresses
  11. -bKash Fund Transfer.
  12. -Nagad Fund Transfer.
Which devices are supported for using SBL DigiBanking?
Currently SBL DigiBanking is available on Android Operating System (Version 2.2 or above) Any user having Smartphone or Tab with Android Operating System will be able to run this App on his/her device.
Is SBL DigiBanking secured?
SBL DigiBanking ensures the highest level of security by tagging your device’s IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number. Currently you can tag unlimited devices. We are providing unique User ID & Password for this app. 2FA (2 Factor Authentication System) will be applicable for transaction & beneficiary add. Upon completing your registration process you can simply download the App and start using it with the complete peace of mind.
Do I need to register for SBL DigiBanking?
Yes. Please visit one of the SBL Branches near you and fill out the Registration Form. You will be given a unique User ID & Password. Download SBL DigiBanking from the app store on your phone. Install it and activate it by the User ID & Password you have been given from the Branch. Upon activating it for the first time you will be asked to change the password and it is mandatory to change the initial password given to you by the Bank to ensure the highest level of security. By signing the Enrollment Form you agree to the Terms & Conditions of SBL DigiBanking App
Where can I get help?
Please call +880-1977729001 or +880-2-9552981 Extension 250 (from any local or Overseas number) for any help regarding SBL DigiBanking. You can also click on the “Help” icon in this App for any information regarding the App.
How much does SBL DigiBanking cost?
SBL DigiBanking registration is free of charge. However, Internet data charges may be applicable from your connectivity service provider. Charges and fees are applicable as mentioned in SBL Schedule of Fees & Charges.
Getting Started With SBL DigiBanking:
Install SBL DigiBanking from App Store on your device and get started. Pressing the SBL DigiBanking App Icon will take you to the Home Page and there you will find 12 Menu Icons to make your task easier.
  1. -Banking
  2. -Bills Pay
  3. -Fund Transfer
  4. -Products
  5. -Benefit
  6. -EMI Partner
  7. -Location
  8. -Message
  9. -Contact SBL
  10. -Help
  11. -Exit
Banking will take you to the LOGIN page. You have to input valid User ID and Password to log in. After logging in you can check your up to date account information, place service request like statement request, positive pay instructions etc. Once you login you do not require separate login for Bills Pay & Fund Transfer.
Bills Pay
Without entering into “Banking” tab by clicking “Banking” icon and then pay bills, you can directly pay your bills through your SBL Account(s) by clicking “Bills Pay” icon. You must log in first with your valid User ID and Password. Before Payment you must add beneficiary. During Beneficiary add and Bills Payment, system will ask for entering the OTP. OTP will be sent to your registered email address & Mobile Number of Bank’s KYC.
Fund Transfer
Without entering into “Banking” tab by clicking “Banking” icon and then transfer funds, you can directly transfer funds through your SBL Account(s) by clicking “Fund Transfer” icon. You must log in first with your valid User ID and Password. Before Transfer you must add beneficiary. During Beneficiary add and Fund Tranfer, system will ask for entering the OTP. OTP will be sent to your registered email address & Mobile Number of Bank’s KYC.
You can check detailed information of SBL products such as Deposits, Loans & Cards. You can also check detailed information of Business products here. If you are interested in any of our products you can press the button “Apply” below each of the product’s information. A concerned person from SBL will contact you shortly and guide you through the next course of action.
SBL Card Holders can get detailed information from here regarding the benefits they can avail from different Merchants. If you are a Card Holder of SBL, you will get the benefits related information in the following categories from here:
  1. -Health & Beauty Care
  2. -Hotel & Resort
  3. -Life Style
  4. -Restaurant
  5. -Airline
  6. -Furniture
  7. -Water Purifier
  8. -Educations
  9. -Vehicle & Accessories
  10. -Computer
  11. -Travel & Tourism
  12. -Electronics & Home Appliances
EMI Partners
You will be enjoying benefits from our Alliance partners with EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) facilities in the below categories:
  1. Health & Beauty Care
  2. -Hotel & Resort
  3. -Life Style
  4. -Restaurant
  5. -Airline
  6. -Furniture
  7. -Water Purifier
  8. -Vehicle & Accessories
  9. -Computer
  10. -Travel & Tourism
  11. -Electronics & Home Appliances
All of our Branches, ATMs, SBLAgents and SBL Bills Pay, SBL Express near you can be located easily by this feature. It will not only show you the list wise information of Branches, ATMs, Agents and Bills Pay & SBL Express but also will show your location and the location & distance of the Branch. You can find the nearest SBL locations from the apps.
Message Center
You will be notified and informed about any kinds of notices as well as News & Events of SBL..
Contact SBL
For any kind of information related to SBL Branches & Offices complaint or feedback you can contact SBL through this feature.
To Exit properly from the App you will have to press this button.
Mobile Apps Limit Package
SLNO Transaction Category Per Transaction Minimum Limit Per Transaction Maximum Limit Daily Transaction Limit No. of Transaction Per Day
1 Own Account Transfer 100 2,00,000 10,00,000 10
2 SBL Account Transfer 100 2,00,000 10,00,000 10
3 Other Bank Transfer 100 2,00,000 10,00,000 10
4 Bills Pay (Credit Card Payment, WASA Payment) 10 2,00,000 5,00,000 15
5 Mobile Recharge (Prepaid) 10 3,000 10,000 20
6 Mobile Recharge (Postpaid) 50 3,000 20,000 15
7 bKash Fund Transfer 60 30,000 30,000 5
8 Nagad Fund Transfer 50 30,000 30,000 5

User can add unlimited IMEI with the Apps User.
Some Important Notes of Mobile Apps:
  1. Apps user will lock if you type consecutive three wrong passwords.
  2. If Apps user is locked, Apps user needs to send email to adc@standardbankbd.com from his email address which is used during registration or user can go to branch, fill up the form to unlock his/her user id.
  3. If User Lost/Broke his/her device, user can request to block the particular IMEI instead of block the entire user ID.
  4. If customer has two customers ID, then customer should merge the customer ID to one customer ID before take the facilities of the Apps.
  5. Different Apps User ID cannot be used in same device.
  6. It is mandatory to have internet connection with the apps.
  7. During Registration no charge will apply and charge will be deducted at the end of the year as per schedule of charge defined by SBL.

Services Charge:
  • Annually Tk. 200 BDT + 15% VAT

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