Bank Foundation

Standard Bank Foundation started its journey from 2010, to contribute charitable activities. From beginning, it has been working to promote medical, social, charitable and religious activities as non profit and non political manners. Foundation also busy with following major activities –


» To set up and establish the Educational, Medical, Social and Charitable Institution in order to provide free education, medical and relief services.

» To establish and to takeover the maintenance and the expansion of Hospitals, Charitable dispensaries, Maternity Homes, Homes for Orphans, Children    and Old peoples in order to promote welfare of poor, distressed and affected people in Bangladesh.

» To spend moneys for advancement of Education and Moral condition of boys and girls, to help poor Widows, Orphans and Indigent persons, help
   impart education and training in agricultural and various kind of primary education.

» Giving gifts, Scholarships, grants, advances and other assistance to any persons, company, corporate body or any charitable or benevolent

» To start and establish Outdoor or Indoor Medical treatment, Dispensaries, Clinics, Nursing Centre, Diagnostic Centre, establish Modern Medical
   Laboratory for benefit of public health.

» To erect and maintain Mosques and Religious institutions, if and when thought necessary or expedient for promotion of religious amity etc.

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