Global Acceptance
Be welcomed. Your Visa Platinum card is accepted at tens of millions of merchants worldwide.

Maximum Credit Limit
SBL Platinum Card is offered with a maximum credit limit of BDT 10, 00,000 or as guided by the Central Bank of Bangladesh which supports the distinct positioning of the card and provide you the maximum purchasing power.

Free Supplementary Card
SBL Platinum cardholders will get the two supplementary cards absolutely free. Cardholders can preset monthly limit of the supplementary cards as a percentage of their approved credit limit or any amount accommodate within the approved limit.

Great Discounts
SBL has partnered with shops, restaurants and travel agencies where you can enjoy hefty discounts on products and services whenever you use the card.

Zero Pay (0%EMI)
Zero Pay is an equal monthly instalment plan that allows you the flexibility to convert any retail purchase at partner outlets into an instalment scheme where you can payback the amount over a certain time period ranging from 3 months to 24 months without any interest.


Complementary Access to HazratShahjalal International Airport
The Balaka Lounge at HazratShahjalal International Airport delights the five-star hospitality especially for you. Just show your SBL Platinum credit Card at Balaka lounge and get complimentary usage facility 24x7. Make your waiting time at Airport a pleasant one with SBL Platinum Card.

Financial Flexibility

Zero Renewal Fees
Enjoy lifetime card facilities without annual fee if you use your card at point of sales 12 times in a year. This gives you theopportunity to save by using the card more.

Complementary First Cheque Book
10 Leaves free Cheque book comes with your SBL Platinum Card and you can use it in places where cards are not accepted or where you want to conduct your regular Cheque type transactions (A/C Pay only).

Lower Card Cheque Processing Fee
Enjoy the lower card Cheque processing fee of only 0.95% processing fee on the placed amount, no matter how many times you avail the card Cheque facilities.

45- Days Interest Free Period
SBL Credit Cards offer 45-days maximum interest free period upon payment of last month’s full amount of outstanding balance. Any purchase transaction or Cheque is considered for interest free period of maximum 45-days and minimum 15 days.

Auto Debit Facility
If you have either SBL Savings/Current Account, you have the option of making payment of your monthly credit card outstanding starting from minimum to total amount due, directly through Standard Bank Savings/Current Account.

Worldwide Cash Advance Facility
You can withdraw cash from any of the 1600+ Visa ATMs worldwide whenever you need it. Your Visa Platinum card is accepted at over 1.9 million ATM locations worldwide with a withdrawal limit of 50% of the available credit limit.

E-Statement Service
You can receive monthly credit card e-statement via e-mail which is completely free of cost, designed to be fast, reliable and efficient service.


EMV Chip Card
An EMV chip card well equipped with an embedded microchip that prevents data from being re-used to create counterfeitcards.

Visa Security for the Online Transaction(s)
Verified by Visa ensures that only you can use your Visa card to make purchases online. Upon activation your card, Verified by Visa protects you at every participating online store. When you shop at a participating online store, will receive a code sent via text message to your mobile phone. Your issuer will verify your entries and the transaction will be completed upon successful validation.

Transaction Alert
Whenever and wherever you use SBL Platinum Card, a system generated SMS will notify you about your transaction(s), giving you complete control over your Card usage.

Credit Shield Facility
Besides Travel Insurance facility, cardholders are eligible for Credit Shield facility. In case of death or permanent total disability of cardholder-
• The entire outstanding amount will be waived,
• Equal amount of outstanding will be paid to the family of the cardholder.

Travel Accident Insurance
SBL Visa Platinum cardholders are entitled for BDT 12, 00,000 for Travel Accidental Death Insurance. In the unfortunate event of accidental death, cardholders’ family will receive coverage of the BDT 12, 00,000.

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