Eligibility & Requirement

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  • Eligibility
      1. Nationality: Any Bangladeshi nationals’ can apply for credit card.
      2. Age Limit: secure card 18 years and above, for unsecure card 21-65 years.
      3. Minimum Income: To avail credit card facility card holder’s minimum monthly income should be BDT 30,000. But for Banker, Employee of the telecommunication company, Employee of the multinational companies’ minimum monthly income should be BDT 20,000 and based on designation Government employees will get credit card.
      4. Types of salaried personnel: Permanent employee and fully account payee.
      5. Length of Service: Total service length should be 1 year.
      6. Length of Business: 1 year in the same business.
      7. Length of self-employed: Minimum 1 year of practice.
      8. Reference: Referee should be relatives or friends.
  • Mandatory Documents
      1. Copy of Valid National ID/ Passport/ Driving License.
      2. Copy of Valid Personal TIN/ Tax return acknowledgement slip not more than 2 years old.
      3. Letter of Introduction/ Pay slip/Salary Certificate and bank statement not be older than 1 month.
      4. Cheque declaration form with undated cheque (UDC) signed by the applicant.
      5. Recent 2 passport size photograph with clear visibility duly signed by applicant & attested by source.
      6. Completed CIB undertaking.
      7. Letter of undertaking.
      8. All photocopy documents must attest by the source & signed by the card applicant.
      9. Business Card/ Visiting Card and copy of Office ID.
  • Additional Documents
      1. Salaried Person:

      2. Original Letter of Introduction/ Salary Certificate/ Pay-slip containing all required information & duly signed by authorized person of the company with Full Name, Designation & Department.
      3. Latest 6 months bank statement.
      4. Sole Proprietorship Business:

      5. Latest 12 months bank statement of business and personal account.
      6. Copy of Trade License (Latest and 2 years old)
      7. Partnership Business:

      8. Latest 12 months bank statement of business and personal account.
      9. Copy of Trade License (Latest and 2 years old)
      10. Copy of Partnership Deed (duly registered/ notarized)
      11. Director of Private Limited Company:

      12. Latest 12 months bank statement of business and personal account.
      13. Copy of f Memorandum & Articles of Association.
      14. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
      15. Copy of latest Schedule-X (not more than 2 years old).
      16. Self-Employed Professionals:

      17. Latest 12 months bank statement of personal account.
      18. Valid copy of BMDC registration certificate for Doctors.
      19. Valid copy for Permission of Practice for Lawyers, Engineers, and Consultants from Appropriate Authority as deemed applicable.
      20. Landlord/Landlady:

      21. Latest 12 months bank statement of personal account.
      22. Copy of valid Land Ownership document (Holding Tax Receipt or any Govt. utility bill- Electricity/ Gas/ WASA).
      23. Copy of valid Rent Agreement / Rent Deed.
  • Lien Card/Secure Card
      1. Mandatory Documents plus
      2. Authorization for fund holds instruction and encashment of securities.
      3. FDR: Minimum FDR amount should be BDT 50,000. Card holder must authorize bank to issue credit card against his/her FD advice and concerned bank officer marked as Lien in core banking system so that card holder is not allowed to encash FD advice without concern of the card division.
      4. DPS: Minimum DPS amount should be BDT 50,000. DPS receipt to be handed over to Bank and DPS age should be 1 year.
      5. CC (Hypo & Pledge) loan holder can avail credit card facilities but their last 1 year repayment history must be in regular status. Approved Credit limit must be backed by sufficient security/mortgage which will ensure Branch manager as well as credit analyst.
  • RFCD/ERQ Account Documentations
      1. Mandatory Documents plus
      2. Giving authority to hold fund and debit authority against RFCD/ERQ account as a security of the SBL card.
      3. In case of other bank card holder ERQ account, card holder need to provide to SBL:
        1. Board resolution along with Lien request letter for issuing ERQ card mentioning the top 3 executives’ names for which cards will be issued.
        2. Lien confirmation and reconfirmation letter.
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