Green Banking Activities

In line with global development and response to the environmental degradation, financial sector in Bangladesh should play an important role as one of the key stakeholders. Standard Bank Limited, as part of financial sector of Bangladesh, is also responsible for safeguard of the environment.
Standard Bank’s Initiatives towards “Green Banking”:
01. Sustainable Finance Department is formed.
02. All Branches fill up General Environmental & Social Due Diligence Checklist (ESDD) and send with relevant proposals.
03. Introducing Green Marketing.
04. Financing in Environmental Friendly 52 products under 08 (eight) sector.
05. Training to the officials on Green Banking, Environmental & Social Risk Management (ESRM).
06. We encouraged paperless banking by expanding online banking, mobile banking and internet banking, use of e-mail and introduction of IP message system.
07. Money withdrawal through ATM Booth.
08. Head office & all Branches already started using energy saving bulbs to reduce electricity consumption.
09. Standard Bank Ltd. already introduced Debit/Visa-Credit Card and established ATM/ Pos to reduce the printing cost of cheque books.
10. All banking correspondence & Circulars are sent through e-mail to reduce paper waste and postage cost.
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