Deposit and Investment Products of Islami Banking

  • All Deposit Products
    • Deposit Products:

      1. Al- Wadiah Current Account

      Mudaraba Accounts:

      1. Mudaraba Savings Account (MSA)
      2. MudarabaBondhon Savings Account (MBSA)
      3. Mudaraba Savings Premium Account (MSPA)
      4. Mudaraba Savings Premium PlusAccount (MSPPA)
      5. Mudaraba Super Savers Savings Account (MSSSA)
      6. Mudaraba Women Savings Account (MWSA)
      7. Mudaraba Classic Savings Account (MCSA)
      8. Mudaraba Golden Age Savings Account (MGASA)
      9. Mudaraba Smart Saver-Light (Employee Savings Accounts) (MSSLSA)
      10. Mudaraba Smart Saver Premium (Employee Savings Account) (MSSPSA)
      11. Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit (MSND)
      12. Mudaraba Term Deposit Receipt Account (MTDR)

      Mudaraba Deposit Scheme:

      1. Mudaraba Monthly Savings Scheme (MMSS)
      2. Mudaraba Hajj Savings Scheme (MHSS)
      3. Mudaraba Monthly Savings Scheme Projonmo (MMSSP)
      4. Mudaraba Monthly Savings Scheme Ghoroni (MMSSG)
      5. Mudaraba Monthly Savings Scheme Bondhon (MMSSB)
      6. Mudaraba Regular Income Program (MRIP)
      7. Mudaraba Monthly Income Shroddha (MMIS)
      8. Mudaraba Monthly Income Prottasha (MMIP)
  • Investment Products
    • Investment Products:

      1. Agriculture (Bai-Murabaha TR/Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      2. Agriculture Investment on Pulse, Oil seed, Spice and Maize.(Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      3. Agriculture Investment to the Farmers for salt cultivation.(Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      4. NGO Linkage (Micro Investment/Other than Agriculture Investment)
      5. Term Investment to Industry (HPSM): Large/Medium/Small.
      6. Term Investment (HPSM) Other than Industry.
      7. Working Capital to Industry (Bai-Murabaha TR/Bai-Buajjaletc) Large/Medium/Small.
      8. Working Capital to Trade & Commerce (Bai-Murabaha TR/Bai-Mujjaletc).
      9. Short Term Investment. (Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      10. SME Investment.(Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      11. Export (PSI/PC).
      12. Commercial Investment (MPI/MIB/Bai-Murabaha (TR), (Bai-Muajjal, HPSM )
      13. Commercial Investment (Food Grain) (Bai-Murabaha TR/Bai-Muajjal)

      Others Investment:

      1. Cottage Industry (Term Investment/HPSM)
      2. House Building Investment (Commercial/HPSM)
      3. House Building Investment (Residential/HPSM)
      4. Transport Investment (HPSM)
      5. Quard against MTDR/Scheme
      6. Consumer Investment Scheme (CIS) HPSM/Bai-Muajjal House Hold Durable Scheme (HHDS)
      7. Woman Entrepreneurs (HPSM/Bai-Murabaha (TR)/MPI(TR)/Bai-Muajjaletc)
      8. Agro Based Industries/Processing(Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      9. Demand/Forced Investment, Rescheduled Investment/Converted Investment and such other investments.(Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      10. Investment to NBFIs(Bai-Muajjal/HPSM)
      11. Staff Investment (HPSM/Bai-Muajjal) House Building/House Renovation/CIS (House Hold Durable Scheme-HHDS)

      Under the above investment products we are investing in Trading, Project, House building/ Real estate, SME, Transport/ Car, Household durable item etc. and allowed Quard against MTDR.

  • Foreign Trade & Foreign Exchange products
      1. Import
      2. Export
      3. Foreign Remittance

      Foreign Trade & Foreign Exchange products are also functioning under Bai-Murabaha, Bai-Mujjal, Bai-Salam, Musharaka & HPSM.

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